Segmented IVF

Segmented IVF

In segmented IVF, the egg collection and embryo transfer is done in two different cycles. The egg collection procedure can be harsh to the uterus because of the administration of hormone stimulating drugs and the egg retrieval process. As a result the womb may still be weak and unable to effectively implant the embryos. Segmented IVF enables you to recover between the two important cycle of treatment. The retrieved eggs are duly fertilized into the embryos and frozen in our Embryo Bank until the next cycle when your uterus has recovered from the previous procedure and ready for the Embryo Transfer.

Segmented IVF is the most popular and effective method in the world. It ensures better uterine environment thus increasing the probability of embryo implantation and also reduces the chances of Ovarian Hyper stimulating Syndrome(OHSS).  This allows us to use a programmed hormone replacement cycle to create an ideal physiologic endometrial lining and precise timing for the embryo transfer. The segmented IVF approach also gives women a high chance of success, especially as vitrfication technology means that frozen embryos have a very high chance of survival. The health of any babies born in this treatment is improved, as it has been found that mean birth weight is significantly higher after natural cycle implant. The long term health of both the mother and children is protected.  In this cycle there is an increased pregnancy rate. 
Segmented IVF in Nepal was started by Vatsalya Natural IVF and more than 100 couples have taken advantage of the same. Contact Us for more information. 

Segmented IVF

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