Natural IVF

Natural IVF

Natural IVF is the common term to describe in-vitro fertilization cycles which is done with little or no medication. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) with natural cycle focuses on the one egg rather than stimulating your ovaries to produce multiple eggs. This process is intended to capture the one egg that your body naturally produces each month during menstrual cycle. Natural IVF usually involves doing several IVF cycles in close succession to bank more eggs before attempting a pregnancy. The mail goal of natural IVF is to make a higher number of embryos or eggs in the hope of getting a successful one. Natural IVF has been proposed as a means of reducing the risk of multiple pregnancies, eliminating the costs and risks associated with fertility drugs and reducing the stress and time commitment needed for traditional stimulated IVF. This medication is safely taken to retrieval by preventing premature ovulation and loss of the eggs before retrieval. This type of treatment is usually used in patients that have low yield in their previous in-vitro fertilization cycles and who discard a donation of eggs. It is also suitable for the patients who discard ovary stimulation because they suffer from some short of illness that can negatively impact with the increased levels of oestrogen.


Natural IVF is being practiced in Vatsalya IVF Center of Nepal since 3 years and more than 300 couples have taken advantage of it to fulfil their baby dream.

Natural IVF

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Vatsalya Natural IVF Nepal , a best fertility (ivf) Center Nepal with the excellent team with national and international recognition for their works. We have successfully treated infertile couples and succeeded with more than 300 babies born within 3 years time. World-class Infertility treatment in Nepal at a reasonable price.

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