Injection Free IVF

Injection Free IVF

The development of a needle-free injection system is an important target in the improvement of patient convenience in IVF, where the drug treatment phase can require daily injections for several weeks which can be stressful experience for the patients who have a fear of needles. Injection free IVF is the advance form of minimal stimulation IVF in which the needles are replaced with pills. This cycle only consists of stimulation medications. This advance IVF protocol eliminates the fear, pain and anxiety for those patients with fear with needles and for those who are looking for a replacement for needle free IVF. During this medication process woman’s ovaries are stimulated into producing multiple egg follicles through the use of oral fertility medications. In injection free IVF, hormone levels are measured through urine and saliva tests. Through injection free IVF the patients are able to administer hormone stimulation in a less-invasive manner because there is no need of shots, needles and injections. Also there is no blood draws in this medication. Injection free IVF is also patient friendly because it reduces the possibility of error in medication administration and also eliminates the risk of accidental needle sticks. The medications are provided according to the patients oral fertility needs.

Injection Free IVF  service in nepal was started by Vatsalya Natural IVF some 3 years ago by infertility experts in Nepal.


Injection Free IVF

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