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Most of the couple are unaware of term IVF in Nepal. Not only these couple who are facing infertility problem, but also some educated fellas, don’t know what IVF really is. But Test Tube Baby is more common term in infertility treatment in Nepal too. But many people are confused whether IVF and Test Tube baby means the same or they are totally different. Let’s talk about what really is IVF and Test tube baby.


Before that let’s talk about how the babies are born or created. No ! they are not left on our doorstep by Storks. Neither the stork is seen over rooftops with cloth bundles. It’s just a myth believed to be developed in Germany. But this could be a great story to tell to kids. Yeah! neither they are the result of kiss or having sex. Sex??? Yes. Sex doesn’t determine child birth. Sex is a basic part but not the only part. Every process should be met to create a baby. The process involves ovulation, copulation and fertilization. Else the process of conception (pregnancy) will terminate. There are many factors that stop pregnancy or conceiving. Women can give birth from puberty period i.e. when menstrual cycle begin till those cycle stops called menopause. During these period, every month egg is released from ovaries (process called ovulation). Those released eggs is passed to uterus through fallopian tube. If a men and women have unprotected sex (copulation), and the sperm from men and egg from women mets  i.e. sperm penetrates the egg cell, the egg is fertilized and starts travelling to uterus through fallopian tube to uterus and starts developing as embryo. This embryo later develop to child. If incase, the egg is not fertilized, menstruation occurs shedding eggs and endometrium ( the inner lining of the uterus) in the blood. And the whole process starts all over again. These are the natural process involved in creating a baby. So what if the women cannot conceive a baby in natural way? Then, there comes a IVF.


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So what is IVF? If you have been doing research or been studying about infertility treatment in Nepal, you may have already known it. But, let’s make it easy for those who are listening it for the first time. IVF is a process of fertilizing egg and sperm outside the body apparently in laboratory. This process may involve fertilizing in glass, test tube or patrick disk. IVF process may involve different process with regard to the client condition. It may include egg stimulation, embryo culture, surrogacy or egg/sperm freezing for future use, that may depend.


IVF is nothing but a process of creating babies with assisted reproductive technology. Test tube baby are the child (babies) that are conceived through IVF. So now we know that IVF is a process where as Test tube baby is the positive result of IVF.


The first successful child born via this process is Louise Brown, in 1978. She is the world’s first test tube baby.  After about 27 years of the first successful world-wide IVF treatment, successful IVF in Nepal was carried out by Dr. Bhola Rijal, a senior Gynecologist and Obstetrician. 44 years old, Sandhya Tamang was the first  woman to give birth to the first live test tube baby in Nepal. IVF (Test tube baby) has proven to be boon not only for her but for thousand more women like her in Nepal. With the successful completion of the first IVF, many case of IVF treatment has been handled in Nepal. No matter what people call it, IVF is giving happiness to the Nepalese infertile couple who otherwise have to bear all the stigma of infertility.


With the increase number of infertile couple, IVF center in Nepal is mushrooming. Due to which, quality is compromised. Understanding this fact, many IVF center is open with the intention to help the couple and provide them the best infertility treatment in Nepal at their budget. One of them is Vatsalya Natural Nepal. Learn more about IVF and be prepared for the best treatment in Nepal with Us.


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