Sperm Washing Boon for HIV Patients


Introduction: Sperm washing

Infertility is one problem but not conceiving due to some disease that may spread to you child is another painful scenerio. But worry no more, the new series of treatment is now in Nepal; Sperm Washing. Sperm washing has come to the rescue for those couple who are suffering from HIV/AIDS but still wants to conceive their own child. Sperm may sound strange and awkward, but it is acutally working and  and are used in IUI. This technique is used where the male-partner is affected by HIV/AIDS. Sperm washing will be boon for the HIV patient who want to have their own baby. It allows your partner’s sperm a better chance of survival and fertilization. With sperm washing STD infected seminal fluid can be separated from the sperm and can be used for IUI or IVF which creates infection free embryos. Now no need to go to abroad for treatment while you can get full support here in Nepal. Patient can now get full service from the experience staff and specialists who will treat them and will also get emotional and other support from their parents. 

Sperm Washing History

Sperm washing is the process involved in artificial insemination used in intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in in vitro fertilization (IVF). It is use IVF followed by fertilization. It is used mainly in the case where the patient’s  partner is at the risk of sexual transmitted disease (STD), specially AIDS. Sperm washing was first used in Italy. The first baby known conceived by this method is Baby Ryan from USA under the supervision of Dr. Ann Kiessling. 
Sperm washing involves removing any mucus and non-motile (dead) sperm to increase the chances of fertilization  and also helps to avoid transfer of the disease-carrying virus in the offspring.HIV are carried by seminal fluid so this process of washing sperm, is effective. But, washed sperm cannot be 100% virus free. 

HIV/AIDS Statistics

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HIV/AIDS was first reported in 1988 in Nepal. Many people  and couple are affected with HIV/AIDS due to unsafe sex, multiple partner, unsterilized injection, male labour migration, trafficking of female sex worker, birth from infected parent and unsafe blood transfer. Approximately 36.7 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS at the end of 2016.  Approximately 32,000 people are living in Nepal with HIV/AIDS at the end of  2016. But this is just the recorded data, many couples may have be out of reach of test or identification in Nepal. 

Why Sperm Washing?

Though the number of HIV infected people are decreasing continuously due to use of condom and awareness regarding HIV/AIDS. Still there are couple who are struggling to live a respectable life and to have children. They are still not able to do so due to the risk involved. Now no need to worry. Now you can give a try to become a parent without risking your partner and the children. Since HIV/AIDS are transmitted via semen rather than sperm, sperm washing is the best solution for those couple where male is affected by HIV. 

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