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Vatsalya Natural IVF Nepal, is one of the best fertility center for IVF in Nepal. Also known for the world-class infertility medications from a group of specialists in Nepal. It was set up by a group of youthful business visionaries and medical specialists to encourage world-class IVF in Nepal. Since they comprehend the psychological, social and medicinal difficulties the  infertile couples need to go through. We attempt to influence the patient to comprehend that they are not only the one to confront this cruel circumstance. It is hard at some point to guide couples and clients while giving infertility treatment administrations.

Overall achievement rate for IVF is around 35-45%, which makes broad pressure in the patient for their successive treatment.  Om Mani Tamang, the  first test tube baby was born in Nepal on 3rd March, 2005 A.D. as result of successful IVF almost after 27 years of world's first test tube baby. The world's first test tube baby was Louise Joy Brown in 25th July 1978 A.D.  Yet there are less IVF related clinics and hospital in Nepal. We set up Vatsalya understanding the need of a superb infertility treatment and care in Nepal, which can likewise be moderate. Vatsalya signifies 'the love of a mother/guardians for their child’. Our fertility focus consolidates cutting edge development in conceptive pharmaceutical with a multidisciplinary way to deal with better take care of the physical, enthusiastic and profound requirements of our patients. Our whole staff is committed to help individuals travelling through the difficulties of infertility into parenthood. The treatment design at Vatsalya is deliberately intended to effectively address your issues saving your time and money.

Effective IVF treatment requires as much mental peace as medicinal treatement. We comprehend that infertility can be both rationally and medicinally challenging for a couple. We trust that alongside the proficiency of our group, your confidence upon us play an imperative part in the achievement of the treatment. 

There can be various reasons for infertility. The treatment design at Vatsalya is precisely intended to accurately address your issues so as spare your chance and cash and guarantee achievement. 

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Our main goal at Vatsalya is to make each couple who look for our administrations have their fantasy of having their own baby satisfied. We ensure that each couple receives correct & cost effective in Vatsalya. 

We trust infertility isn't an disease. It is a condition that should be rectified. 


Reason to choose Vatsalya:

  • Most elevated achievement rate 
  • Fertility pros from everywhere throughout the world 
  • Condition of craftsmanship present day and most recent offices 
  • Individualized care to the patients 
  • Reasonable cost of treatment 


Our Services 

Fertility Treatments 

At Vatsalya we are extremely worried about short-and Long-term health of the mother and the infants, in this manner our way to deal with treatment marginally contrasts from Traditional IVF. We center around giving negligible measures of medications to decrease symptoms yet making practically identical progress rates. Each treatment design is outlined remembering your medicinal history, inclinations and conditions and is custom fitted to perfectly fit your need. The fertility treatment is going to be revolutionize with IVF in Nepal. Many people comes from all over the world for IVF in Nepal because it is cheaper in Nepal.


Our Fertility services: 

Natural IVF: 

It is also known as no or minimal stimulation IVF.  It is completed without or with low measures of the follicle stimulating. The objective of this strategy is to gather the one egg that the body has normally chosen, fertilize it into an embryo and move into a medication free womb. It is perfect for ladies with low ovarian reserve/Low AMH/High FSH/poor responder to fertility drugs. It is more affordable than Fertility Drug Stimulated IVF cycle and can be repeated in consecutive cycles. This is one of the best and most cost-effective IVF in Nepal that is beneficial for almost everyone. 


 Modified Natural Cycle IVF:

 It is somewhat extraordinary type of Natural Cycle IVF in which incitement hormones are utilized for 3-4 days with a specific end goal to avoid unconstrained ovulation and keep the follicles healthy and developing. In this kind of cycle there are odds of having in excess of one eggs amid egg collection. It is suitable for ladies with low ovarian reserve/Low AMH/High FSH/poor responder to fertility drugs. 


MIld IVF :

Mild IVF is done utilizing negligible measurements of empowering hormones inside a women’'s natural menstrual cycle keeping in mind the end goal to gather various eggs. Not at all like in conventional IVF technique where utilizes 4-5 weeks of drug is given, Mild IVF utilizes just 7-10 days of stimulating hormones. The fundamental focal point of Mild IVF is to gather more modest number of eggs however of good quality that thus making good grade embryos. Conventional IVF is more concerned about gathering higher number of eggs however dominant part of those eggs can be chromosomally irregular. So by applying a more delicate approach and working with your body, we plan to gather more modest number of eggs yet of higher quality. The overabundance embroys can be securely put away at our center for sometime later. All ladies who are ovulating and have great egg reserve can decide on Mild IVF. It is ideal  for ladies with Polycystic Ovaries (PCO)/Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS). Likewise, any couple who incline toward minimal medication and multiple embryos can go for it. 


Segmented IVF: 

In this kind of IVF, the egg accumulation and embryos transfer is done in two different cycles. The egg gathering system can be brutal to the uterus due to the use of hormone stimulating medications and the egg retrieval process. Thus the womb may even now be frail and unfit to successfully embed the developing lives. Segmented IVF empowers you to recover between the two vital cycle of treatment. The retrieved eggs are properly tertilized and are stored in  our Embryo Bank until the point when the following cycle when your uterus has recovered from the previous procedure and ready for the Embryo Transfer. Segmented IVF is the most well known and compelling strategy in the field of fertility treatment. It guarantees better uterine condition increasing the likelihood of developing embryos  implantation and furthermore decreases the odds of Ovarian Hyper empowering Syndrome(OHSS). 



Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) is the minimum intrusive type of IVF treatment. It is done by specifically inserting washed sperm into a woman’s uterus during the most fertile point of her cycle. This point is recognized by the specialist by observing the hormonal blood tests and scans. IUI can be performed amid  woman’s  cycle i.e. ovulation period or it can be activated using Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) injection. This is an ease, low-cost treatment and is for the most part appropriate for couple with instances of male infertility and female with no fertility issue, consequently requiring the utilization of contributor sperm. It is likewise perfect for lady whose male accomplice serve abroad, if there should be an occurrence of which the sperm of the accomplice can be put away at our lab and utilized for IUI method. IUI can't be performed on ladies with blocked fallopian tubes. The success rate of IUI is lower than IVF. We will have an individualized appraisal to decide if this technique is reasonable for you or not. 


Fertility Diagnosis 

Correct Diagnosis of the reason for infertility is the core of treatment at Vatsalya, and the reason for Vatsalya’s success.. With a specific end goal to expand the odds of progress and guarantee healthy pregnancy, It is indispensable to assess the fertility condition of every patient. Identifying the problem spares time, cash and diminishes the worry in the patients. Different diagnosis carried out are:


 Ovarian reserve testing : 

Level of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone(LH), Estradiol, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone(TSH), progesterone, prolactin help decide the fertility potential. These tests must be done on particular days of the menstrual cycle as specified by the specialist. 


Anti-Mullerian Hormone Test(AMH) : 

AMH test is additionally a decent marker of Ovarian reserve. This test is possible in any day of the menstrual cycle. 


Semen examination: 

Detailed investigation of the thickness, morphology and mobility of semen is done by exceedingly experienced embryologists 


Advanced Ultrasound : 

Ultrasound of the uterus is imperative to survey the fertility status of ladies and get details that may have generally been missed. The patients undergo a through scan of the womb to recognize any abnormality that might affect the implantation process.


Fertility Preservation: 

Freezing technology is a leap forward in the field of IVF. With its innovative lab and qualified embryologists, Vatsalya is your reliable answer for fertility protection. This technique is extremely valuable for the individuals who wish to postpone their pregnancy because of other earlier duties like profession, family, travel and so forth. It is generally done to safeguard fertility preceding cancer treatment  or other concentrated treatments. We give the accompanying administrations: 

  • Egg Freezing 
  • Semen Freezing 
  • Embryo Freezing


Donor Treatments:

A few patients require the assistance of benefactor sperm or ova to accomplish pregnancy. The sperm/ova bank at Vatsalya will coordinate the customer with the most appropriate contributor for a productive pregnancy. Contributor treatment administrations include: 

  • Sperm donation treatment 
  • Ova donation treatment treatment 
  • Embryo donation treatment


IVF Techniques: 

The world-class embryology lab with cutting edge technology and qualified labor at Vatsalya is the foundation of success at vatsalya. We give most recent advances in IVF treatment so as to guarantee effective pregnancy. 

Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection(ICSI) : 

ICSI is an exceptionally advanced procedure utilized as a part of IVF treatment through which the sperm is directly infused into the egg in the research facility. This method definitely enhances the odds of treatment, along these lines expanding the rate of progress. 


Laser Assisted Hatching: 

Assisted hatching is utilized to enable the embryo hatch from its defensive external shell, the zona pellucida, and advance implantation in the uterine wall after embryo transfer. Up to the blastocyst arrange, the mammalian developing life is encompassed by the Zona pellucida(ZP). Before the implantation, the developing life needs to escape from the ZP, a procedure known as hatching.The disappointment of embryo hatching is one of the different variables that restricted human conceptive proficiency, particularly in assisted regenerative advancements (ART) fields. Assisted hatching of embryos  before embryo transfer has been proposed to be valuable, particularly in instances of cultured embryos  with a thick or potentially thick ZP. A thick ZP might be related with lady's age or poor embryo quality. Recent researches have shown that women who have undergone repeated IVF treatments without results, double their chances of a pregnancy by use of assisted laser hatching


Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis(PGD)/Preimplantation Genetic Screening(PGS): 

PGD/PGS is a procedure connected for testing the embryo for chromosomal regularity so as to isolate the unusual embryos prior to embryo transfer. Performing pgd/pgs altogether lessens the odds of chromosomal deformation in the baby during formative stage in pregnancy. 


Testicular Sperm aspiration(TESA)/Percutaneous Epidydimal Sperm Aspiration(PESA)/Testicular Sperm Extraction(TESE) : 

These are the procedures of sperm retrieval  performed in the instances of male infertility because of poor sperm creation or the male accomplice has experienced vasectomy that can't be turned around.







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