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Best IVF Center in Nepal: Vatsalya IVF (A Pioneer in fertility treatment in Nepal)


Introduction IVF in Nepal 

Being in 21st century and Nepal being a developing country is still dealing with many myths, taboos and stigmas regarding fertility treatment and health. Due to this there are only few IVF center in Nepal. There is only little knowledge about IVF in Nepal. Still majority of women suffers in this male dominant society from domestic violence, divorce, depression, social abuse, multiple marriages, etc for not being able to give birth to children. Infertility has been the biggest stigma in Nepal for women after dowry. Infertility is mainly considered a defect in women while  male factor is largely ignored. But WHO report shows that 33% of infertility is due to male factor. Infertility is sure to rise in human due to our lifestyle and exposure to the harmful environment, so infertility treatment should be considered a boon than to criticize the process as unnatural. Early detection of causes of infertility may not only help solve infertility in human but also will cost less.

Nepal has been the best destination for IVF treatment in all over world. Many foreigner swamp in Nepal for IVF treatment from USA, UK, Hongkong, Tibet, India, Russia, and many more for infertility treatment. One of the main reason is that infertility treatment in Nepal cost is comparatively lower than in the developed countries. Worldwide success rate for IVF is about 35-45% only, chances of success is much more higher in younger patient though. So, infertility treatment should be considered as a good thing, since it provides you the big happiness of having small ones.

With the aim of creating happier world and provide world-class infertility treatment, Vatsalya Natural IVF was established by a group of entrepreneurs and exceptional medical personnel in Nepal. Vatsalya means “the love of a  mother for their child’. Vatsalya is an one stop solution center for all type of infertility treatment. It’s success rate is always higher than  40%. Vatsalya IVF is known among its client for world-class treatment from experienced doctors and specialist, with loving and caring environment. 

Why Vatsalya IVF is best IVF center?

Let’s find out why Vatsalya Natural IVF is considered best in Nepal.

IVF Success Rate:

IVF Success Rate is  one of the determining factor to be considered while choosing a IVF center for you. If you don’t want to waste your money and health, you better research about the institute, success rate and its background. We are proud to share that we have achieved 100% success in male fertility treatment with TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration). The common and worldwide success rate  for IVF is 35-45% . Let’s look at the record of last 6 months:

ivf client from the world in NepalSuccess rate of IVF in IVF Nepal

IVF Team

Our team consists of world-class doctors and specialists from Germany, Japan, USA, India and Nepal with more than 15 years of experiences in the field of infertility. We not only have world-class doctors but also well trained and dedicated staffs. Since, we understand that infertility can be mentally and medically challenging for any couple. We are proud to have Dr. Sabina Simkhada, MD, Obs & gynae, fertility specialist, a Nepali woman Doctor, in our team. Who can understand a woman more than a woman. 



We are equipped with all the international level infrastructures needed for the treatment of infertility in Nepal.  All the equipments are available in our embryology lab. No need to go to expensive country where you cannot get emotional help from your family. Get fertility services and heal physically, emotionally and spiritually now in Nepal. We take special care of patients in our cozy, comfortable office.


IVF Cost

As compared to other clinics in Nepal and worldwide, our price is comparatively low. Our price starts from NRs. 15,000 to 4,00,000 for fertility treatment, and NRs. 1,50,000 to 4,50,000 for IVF treatments. The price of the treatment may vary drastically according to the age and type of fertility treatment. Before dealing with a lot of stress, visit us at once. Want to know more about IVF cost?

















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Vatsalya Natural IVF Nepal , a best fertility (ivf) Center Nepal with the excellent team with national and international recognition for their works. We have successfully treated infertile couples and succeeded with more than 300 babies born within 3 years time. World-class Infertility treatment in Nepal at a reasonable price.

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