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Vatsalya Natural IVF Wellness (Best IVF Center in Nepal) was established by a group of young entrepreneurs and exceptional medical personnel, motivated to provide world class infertility treatment in Nepal at a very reasonable cost. Our dream of making best IVF center in Nepal came into existence as Vatsalya. Our team consists of world-class specialists from Germany, Japan and the United States, committed to bringing you the best of IVF treatment, today. We understand that infertility can be both mentally and medically challenging for a couple. Therefore, Vatsalya is built taking both issues under consideration. We, at Vatsalya strive to give our patients the personalized treatment and the care they deserve, doing so with utmost confidentiality.

Unbeatable Pre and Post Care for the Patient

Our fertility center make sure that the physical, emotional and spiritual need of our patients are met. The homely environment at Vatsalya helps calm the patient anxiety and the excellent medical team takes care of your medical needs. You may get bored while doing little research about the best IVF center in Nepal, but we suggest you to do so. Invest you money with

Vatsalya IVF provides the solution for a wide range of infertility problems. We are proud to serve you with the world-class specialist and infrastructure. If you have a problem with infertility, come and get service from Vatsalya. And you will realize why we are known as the best IVF center in Nepal.


Umesh Shrestha

Umesh Shrestha

If I have to describe Vatsalya, I would choose transparent and efficient. Incredible management and friendly atmosphere, exactly what an infertility agents needs, and that's what Vatsalya provides. The staff make you feel so welcome and develop complete faith in the treatment and yourself.

Nirmal Karki

Nirmal Karki

After experiencing several miscarriages caused me a lot of anxiety. Vatsalya takes care of you like family. They never let miss an appointment and make you feel really supported and comfortable. All these years of hopping from one clinic to another, finally I did find my solution in Vatsalya.

Meet Our Team

OBS & GYN, Fertility Specialist

Dr. Sabina Simkhada

OBS & GYN, Fertility Specialist

Consultant- OBS & GYN, Fertility Specialist

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Vatsalya Natural IVF Nepal , a best fertility (ivf) Center Nepal with the excellent team with national and international recognition for their works. We have successfully treated infertile couples and succeeded with more than 300 babies born within 3 years time. World-class Infertility treatment in Nepal at a reasonable price.

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